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About us Regent College

Regent College International Schools, also known as Regent College, is an institution with a long history. Today the College consists of:

  • Regent School of Foreign Languages – established in 1998
  • Teacher Training College – established in 2002
  • Cambridge Exams Preparation Centre – established in 2009
  • Bilingual High School – established in 2016
  • Bilingual Primary School – established in 2017

Our Primary and High School operate as private schools partially funded by the Polish State and partially from fees paid by parents.

Why choose Regent College International Schools?

Both in our primary and secondary school we create friendly and ambitious, learning environment. Our aim is to educate young people to become eloquent, open-minded, responsible, self-confident and caring individuals.

With an international set of students, exceptional teachers, reach bilingual curriculum, great facilities and working closely with parents we guarantee a truly stimulating educational experience. 

  1. small class-sizes;
  2. student-centered approach that supports intellectual and emotional development as well as development of our students’ own passions;
  3. we are the only school in our region that from the earliest years of education up to the end of high school enriches the Polish national curriculum in a wide variety of English language classes and activities. We are specialists in teaching foreign languages. Our students have 6-10 hours of English classes a week, including conversations with native speakers. In 2019 in our primary school we are also introducing an internationally recognised Cambridge Primary programme. We offer German and French as additional languages;
  4. we have experience in teaching international students and we are able to accommodate the needs of our international students by teaching specific subjects (Mathematics, Science, History) in English;
  5. we offer Polish as a Foreign Language classes for our international students and additional support options (as well as English and Polish classes for adults);
  6. our Physical Education classes take place in a gym, at a swimming pool and on a golf course;
  7. we organise exciting workshops, outings and international trips (see our gallery);
  8. we are based in an elegant building in the centre of Elbląg and our facilities include:
    • well equipped classrooms;
    • library with a reach choice of literature in English and in Polish;
    • our own kitchen (Lovely Kitchen) serving healthy, nutritious food prepared in house;
    • well-maintained school grounds with parking places.

Contact details

Regent College International Schools in Elbląg
Królewiecka 100
82-300 Elbląg, Poland
Tel: +48 55 2340723
Fax: +48 55 2340725