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Changes in Polish Educational System from 1st September, 2017 to 1st September, 2019

Changes after the 1st September, 2017:

  • six-grade primary school is transformed into eight- grade primary school by 2019,
  • three-grade high school is transformed into four-grade high school by 2019,
  • from 1st September, 2017 recruitment to first grade junior high school is stopped, children start education at seventh grade of primary school,
  • junior high schools cease to exist from 1st September, 2019.

Additional information

The school uses an online register called Librus. Thanks to this application, parents and students have immediate access to their grades, attendance, they also have contact with teachers and administration. It is an additional channel of communication between the parents and the school.

Each student receives an acoount in G-suite for Education application (Google Apps for Education). Thanks to this students have access to additional materials placed by teachers.

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